NV-7504/7508/7516 Print NVR 4/8/16ch with PoE


Connectable to the third-party network with up to 5MP resolution
4/ch/8ch/16ch Independent PoE network interfaces are provided
HDMI/VGA live view, storage & playback
4ch synchronous playback at 720P resolution (NV-7504)
8/16ch synchronous playback at 4CIF resolution (NV-7508/7516)
Recording at 5MP resolution
HDD Quota management: different capacity can be assigned to different channel
2 SATA interface available (NV-7504/08)
4 SATA interface avaiable (NV-7516)
IPv6 is supported, 1 self-adaptive 10/100/1000M network interface


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