Smoke Detector


Smoke Detector for Asagi Wireless Alarm System Spesifications :

· Attractive and modern design suitable for residential and commercial applications
· Dustproof,mothproof,anti-light interference design
· Superior detection sensitivity,MCU processing,eliminate false alarm
· More than 1 year battery life (according to the battery type) and easy battery replacement
· Sound&flash once a fire sensed(smoke, low battery)
· Loud (85db) alarm sound at 3m (10ft)
· Simple wall or ceiling installation, with bracket


· Operating voltage: 9V battery (6F22 carbon battery)
· Static current: <20uA
· Alarm current: <40mA
· Battery life: carbon battery for about 1year
· Alarm indication: Red LED Flash
· Alarm sound:≥85dB/3m
· Dimension:Φ128x35mm
· Detecting area: 25m2 at 6-12m installation height
· Sensitivity:1.8%ft±0.8%ft
· Installation:Ceiling mounted
· Working environment:-10°C~+50°C,( ≤95%RH NO congelation)

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