Event Wallet GA-02



Rosslare’s DigiTool? GA-02 Event Wallet is a part of Rosslare’s DigiTool? guard patrol system encompassing a complete range of professional, leading-edge, high-quality, high-performance products for private and public sectors. The attractively designed compact wallet is easy to transport and easy to use.

When used with DigiTool?’s ID location tags or key fob, the GA-02 enables fast and trouble-free condition monitoring and event fault recording of events such as, an open window, broken glass, abandoned car, door locked, or fire extinguisher low pressure. It is the answer for users with multiple data collection needs.

  • 10 event variations
  • Light-weight and compact design for easy portably
  • Custom-made for wear and tear from rugged long-lasting leather
  • Easily interfaced with standard PC equipment for management purposes (requires the GS-02 software)
  • Highly integrated with the other DigiTool? family of Guard Patrol products



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