Location Tag GA-01



Rosslare’s GA-01 location tag and AT-32B key fobs are designed with a focus on high quality and reliability.

Encased in a rugged plastic housing, the location tags and key fobs contain a hardened stainless-steel ID chip, snap-fitted into the back of the GA-01 and programmed to provide an electronic registration number for automatic identification. Each has the option of including a Dallas iButton? ID chip or a generic numeric ID chip.

Other features include easy deletion of lost or stolen tags from the system database, light-weight portable units, as well as uniquely preprogrammed codes that cannot be altered or replicated.

The GA-01 location tag easily attaches to any solid, flat surface. A cover range of red, yellow, violet, black, and orange are available to identify different locations. The key fob is available in black or white.


  1. Unique codes provided by factory-programmed 16-byte ID consisting of 12 hexadecimal digits plus a 4-digit number for series validation
  2. 1 in 300 billion chance of two tags with the same code
  3. Durable, highly rugged and waterproof (meets IP68 level tests)
  4. Sealed ID chip’s internal code cannot be altered or replicated
  5. Plastic casing easily attaches to any solid, flat surface with screws, glue or double coated tape
  6. Light-weight, portable key fob with keychain attachment
  7. Easy to use


  1. Flexibility with the option to select models with Dallas iButton?  ID chip (GA-01/AT-32B)
  2. DigiTool? Guard Patrol system can be used indoors and outdoors in a wide range of temperatures
  3. Conveniently add location tags and key fobs to the database by registering the chip’s ID
  4. Easily invalidate a lost or stolen tag or key fob by deleting it from the system database
  5. Use the database to register changes in location tag sites and key fob owners


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