Event Wallet GA-12



Rosslare’s user-friendly GA-12 easy-to-fold event wallet that the guard patrol staff can carry with them as they perform their daily tasks.By simply applying the GC-01 Reader to the location tags and the innovative event wallet, automatically record specifically coded events for later reporting using the GS-02 DigiTool? Call Center (DCC) software.

Each numeric digital ID button can be set in the system as a unique event. The GA-12 enables the use of up to 6 button combinations, for over a million combination possibilities.With the GA-12, you can easily manage your distributed DigiTool? guard patrol monitoring system over a large geographic and data quantity scale.

  1. 1- to 6-digit code combinations, numeric digital ID buttons for digits 0 to 9, with Start and Stop buttons to input any numeric sequence
  2. Light-weight and compact design for easy portably
  3. Custom-made for wear and tear from rugged long-lasting leather


  1. Easily interfaced with standard PC equipment for management purposes (requires the GS-02 software)
  2. Highly integrated with the other DigiTool? family of Guard Patrol products


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