Communicator Remote Station



Rosslare’s DigiTool? GC-50 remote station is designed with a focus on high quality and reliability as a top priority.

A user-friendly hardware communication station that allows you to upload, download, and transfer data that has been collected through the use of the GC-02 Reader Base and the GC-01 Acquisition Reader.

The GC-50 station can be installed remotely and allows you to transfer data to a local or remote PC via either the serial port or a built-in modem. PC-based DigiTool? Call Center (DCC) Software (GS-02) then processes the data.

This tool is simple to install and even simpler to use. With just the touch of a button, you can easily manage your distributed DigiTool? guard patrol monitoring system on a large geographic and data quantity scale.


  1. Communications call-back feature (can be enabled or disabled)
  2. Variety of call scheduling options
  3. An internal buzzer for audio validation
  4. RJ-11 phone in/out plugs
  5. Internal real-time calendar/clock with battery backup that can maintain operation for 14 days if disconnected from the DC input
  6. Two bi-colored LEDs for visual validation
  7. User-friendly operation – as simple as pressing a button
  8. Unique, compact design, allows for a minimum of cabling requirements, saving desk space


  1. Local storage of over 200,000 readings for up to two weeks when power is out
  2. Advanced microprocessor based on Intel? technology
  3. Custom Security Codes
  4. High security and facility codes
  5. Can be uniquely selected for large customers
  6. Determine which PC has access to local or remote hardware
  7. Prevent unauthorized Serial/PSTN connections
  8. Two icon based buttons for loading a reader to the GC-50 or for making a remote PC connection


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