Data Acquisition Reader Base



Rosslare’s DigiTool? GC-02 Base is designed with a focus on high quality and reliability as a top priority.

The GC-02 Base docking-station is made of rugged ABS plastic. It contains a nickel-plated steel iButtonTM ID chip Reader, a built-in rapid charger with a unique swiveling DC power connection, and a rotating RS-232 serial connector for wall or desktop mount.

The GC-02 Base facilitates data transfer from the GC-01 Reader to a single PC for report generation and data analysis using DigiTool? GS-01 Reports Light or GS-02 DCC DigiTool? Call Center remote monitoring software.

The flexibility of the GC-02 models to read Dallas iButtonTM ID chips allows you to tailor your system even more to suite your specific needs.


  1. Spring-loaded contacts for easy docking of the GC-01
  2. Built-in AC-DC adapter and fast charger for the GC-01’s 1800 mAh lithium-ion battery
  3. AC-DC wall transformer included
  4. Built-in ID chip reader for enrollment and recording of locations, events, and user tag data
  5. Ultra-low power consumption
  6. 3-color LED battery-status indicator:
  7. Orange – GC-01 Reader not docked
  8. Red – GC-01 is docked and charging
  9. Green – GC-01 battery is fully charged
  10. Contains no parts that requires user servicing
  11. Attractive, efficient, and rugged dust and water resistant design
  12. Attractive, efficient, and rugged design


  1. Flexibility with the option to select models with Dallas iButton ID chip (GA-01/AT-32B)
  2. Rotating RS-232 9-pin serial port with a3 mmBarrel socket
  3. Full duplex RS-232 communication at 9600 baud
  4. Small desktop footprint with rubber feet
  5. Wall-mount option helps save desktop space
  6. Integrates with the GCK-01 Kit, the GC-50 PSTN remote station communicator, and the Guard Patrol product family
  7. Interface compatibility with the GC-50 modem communicator to facilitate upgrading


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